Saturday, November 8, 2014

 To You with Love        

Go to "He Did", "Full Of Joy" and "Thank You Jesus" can be heard in full length
The music from this CD/Album He Did, has been a long time coming. Each song was written about a circumstances, mostly trying to overcome something I was going through. Our Lord Jesus birthed these songs out of me to share with you!
I also have a DVD Video that is included, called Dear Sister. this song that the DVD is named; was brought about in hearing of a woman from another country that had been abused so severely that I could not stand by and do nothing and in writing this song Dear Sister I believe strongly it can help woman out there and around the world. He knows my heart and I know His beautiful and loving direction and so I follow. I had a workshops in June, to help let go and let God! If interested, please let me know by email at or Go to