Saturday, November 8, 2014

 To You with Love        

Go to "He Did", "Full Of Joy" and "Thank You Jesus" can be heard in full length
The music from this CD/Album He Did, has been a long time coming. Each song was written about a circumstances, mostly trying to overcome something I was going through. Our Lord Jesus birthed these songs out of me to share with you!
I also have a DVD Video that is included, called Dear Sister. this song that the DVD is named; was brought about in hearing of a woman from another country that had been abused so severely that I could not stand by and do nothing and in writing this song Dear Sister I believe strongly it can help woman out there and around the world. He knows my heart and I know His beautiful and loving direction and so I follow. I had a workshops in June, to help let go and let God! If interested, please let me know by email at or Go to

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Short of "Dear Sister
A full Video of "Dear Sister" will be released in February
Along with a Neo Gospel CD "He Did" 2 in one
Fran.Co Records and Publishing
But as the holidays approach here is a holiday Idea!
Check out the Easy Listening of Ms. Frances Coche'
"To You With Love" 
Singing a wonderful selection
In time for Christmas

Monday, August 20, 2012


  A dynamic and world class entertainer.

Her roots go deep, and span the globe with her recordings in Spanish, Japanese and Cajun French, besides English. The world embraces her unique singing style. Franny’s beginnings, with the great Mark Traversino, the man who coached her through those early stages and gave her opportunities to sing with his own group, along with connections to legends such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald, which gave occasions to work with Dolo Coker, Blue Mithell, Gerald Wiggins, Mark Anthony, Don Ellis of Indian Lady and his big band, Henry Franklin (Skipper) formerly with Freddy Hubbard, and Hugh Masekela, The Beautiful, Teddy Edwards, Lanny Hartly, Theo Saunders, Monty Budwig, Walter Bishop, Richard Thompson, formerly with Gabor Szabo and The Association, The Magnificent, Marshall Royal, Don Costa (Arranger for Frank Sinatra), Jack Sheldon, Leroy Vinnegar, Frank Strazzeri, Jeff Claighton, Joe Maini formerly with, Gerald Wilsons Orchestra, Joe Hackney, musical arranger, CD, "To You, With Love", and Jim Gordon of The Band, who arranged and produced her soon to be released CD,   "Frances".

Frances Coché

A beautiful woman…an extraordinary musician…a heart of soul!